NBA Player Treated as a Typical Injured Worker

NBA Player Treated as a Typical Injured Worker

November 17th, 2016 by

When it comes to professional athletes, most consider them to be exceptions to the rules. Whether it be a punishment for a particular crime, or backlash after an ill-advised statement, professional athletes seem to have their own set of special rules.

stephensonUnfortunately for those athletes, that is not the case when it comes to work related injuries. An article was recently published showing how a current NBA player has suffered the same fate as a large majority of injured workers. Lance Stephenson, most famous for antagonizing Lebron James in the 2014 playoffs, was recently cut by the New Orleans Pelicans following an injury to his groin that required surgery.

While instances like this tend to bring headlines and backlash from fellow players, the typical injured worker isn’t afforded the same type of coverage. Rather, they tend to be swept under the rug and offered empty condolences.

Lancaster & Eure - wrongful terminationIn Florida, there is a protection in the workers' compensation law to prevent an employer from retaliating against an injured worker for filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, as too many Floridians’ can attest to, the practical effect of that protection is minimal. Under Florida’s labor laws employers have the upper hand in the employment relationship as employees are “at-will,” meaning that either the worker or the employer can terminate the employment at any time and without any advance warning. This typically results in employers claiming the firing of the injured worker was for some business-related decision, despite it being clear that the true reason for the firing was the work related injury.

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